Identification of Tensions and Paradoxes in the Governance of SCICs

"Paradoxes and tensions arising in the governance of two pluralistic Collective Interest Cooperative Companies (SCICs), Artisans du Monde (AdM) and Websourd, have been studied. We have first identified frictions between social and economic objectives and then between different conflicting logics, specific to each SCIC. Second, the composition of governance bodies has been examined. In AdM, tensions occur among colleges and involve employees and volunteers. In Websourd, conflicts emerge within the employees' college and focus on ambiguity regarding roles between, on one the hand, employees and managers and, on the other, between deaf and hearing people. Finally, concerning governing bodies's operations, a power imbalance among their stakeholders has been noticed. In both organizations, expertise and skills are seen as essential, and members with the most power are conferred the greatest legitimacy."

Pallas-Saltiel Valérie, Amina Béji-Bécheur, Codello-Guijarro Pénélope and Pascale Chateau Terrisse  in EURAM, Jun 2013 at Istanbul, Turkey.

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