Atelier au colloque Euram

L'équipe du PICRI a animé un atelier au colloque international Euram qui se tient du 1er au 4 juin 2016. L'atelier a eu pour thème : "How to make common? Solving tensions in social and solidarity organizations".

Cet atelier a pour synopsis: "Clearly, a third way has recently emerged in the social and solidarity economy (SSE): companies that hybridize different kinds of management models. New practices are developing that tackle both resistance to management tools and trivialization by management tools by combining practical concern for professionalization and control by overall performance. This approach is controversial in SSE because activist stakeholders in the field still view management, at worst, as taboo; at best, as “dangerous”. Yet, necessarily, management cannot be done away with; indeed, it permeates the whole field. We aim to conduct comparative discussions on the cases at hand and bring out issues that might turn into an international research endeavor supplementing the “Alternative Control of Collective Interest Cooperative Companies” project."

Pour en savoir plus sur les différents working groups de ce colloque se référer au lien suivant.


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